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Stratus offers an array of digital marketing solutions for our partners. With right strategy right team on your side, digital marketing can be extremely effective. However, without “strategy” component driving a business’ digital presence, it can seemingly be a money pit. Founded in New York, we are aware of “rat race” know what a frustration spending your hard-earned dollars on a service that was not properly enacted can be. Stratus Marketing is a results-driven company. The following services display our methodology in assisting your company’s growth.

Google PPC

A maintained knowledge of Google is essential in reaching new customers platform is constantly evolving. Without time needed to continually add to this knowledge your company cannot properly adapt time spent away from customers means lessened sales revenue. Time is against you, but we are on your side. We stay informed put work in, coming out on top of every change, every update released by Google so you don’t have to.

Conquest advertising plays a major role in online marketing Stratus has necessary knowledge to protect your business’ name online.

We frequently monitor PPC campaigns in order to verify optimal performance. We also avoid guesswork with matching A/B testing because “partnering up” to manage your marketing campaigns is being trusted to run your business. You would not trust just anyone to run your business. This is a big deal to us within all our efforts on your behalf, we make sure to put this appreciation on display.

Stratus Marketing PPC Example
Stratus Marketing PPC Client Exampe

Using Bing Ads

Globally, Google is primary search engine in most households. This, in turn, makes platform costlier for advertising. On other hand, when utilized properly, Bing is an underdog with powerful marketing potential. In fact, Bing’s platform often sees a higher conversion rate of leads to sales for its’ ad campaigns, at a lower cost. This presents a bigger return from ad costs, makes your marketing that much more effective, gives you “more bang for your buck,” which is our middle name.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook will always be one of best platforms to advertise on. With our advanced ad’s we can target a very specific audience, making it easy to market any product on this platform. At Stratus Marketing we pride ourselves on giving each client proven results, clear expectations, only those guarantees that can be kept. The following is a sample of a Facebook campaign our company managed.

Stratus Marketing Example
Stratus Marketing Client Example Facebook Ad’s

Email For Digital Marketing

Many times, an Eblast is sent to everyone in a company’s database. Doing so can result in issues down road possible blacklisting. Our proven methods with Email Marketing target right audiences, for every product. Thusly, Stratus’ partners receive a better conversion rate a higher ratio sold.

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