Facebook Ads

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Marketing with Facebook Ads? Well, there are various platform choices for growing your business so why Facebook Ads? Well, do you know which platforms are most fit for marketing you your company? It is important to know who your target audience is to ensure that you are delivering your message to right people. For example, Facebook can potentially capture any demographic you can think of has become so neutral due to increased popularity. Thusly, Facebook is an excellent choice for almost any company wishing to use platform to market itself.

Why Facebook Ads?

Armed with knowledge right time on their hands almost any business can use Facebook Ads to target almost any demographic with some navigating ease efficiency. This platform is an excellent low-cost marketing medium for almost any business out there, for instance. The right utilization of Facebook for marketing purposes will almost always yield results in form of conversions profit. Facebook is one of most used websites for common business owner.

What Industry Does Facebook Work Best With?

That is question. Well, we can say with confidence that we have yet to find an industry that doesn’t find some form of success/results from Facebook usage. We have witnessed local realtors sell houses successfully on Facebook by marketing open houses price drops. On other hand, a landscaping business could flourish through


Facebook advertising to target individuals researching residential DIY projects. This will also show how cost/time effective they can be for customer. With an effective Facebook ad manager, possibilities are endless. Contact Stratus for help with your digital advertising today!