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When Your Business Needs High End Website Design

Firstly, you must understdifference between high end website design inserting content into a pre-made template. Both instances can be beneficial depending on who business is. Also, either can be unfitting of a company’s needs based on where business is within its “lifetime.” We at Stratus like to use owning real estate as a comparison. Managing hosting your company website on its own server is like owning a building on company land. Using a pre-made website company like GoDaddy or Squarespace is like operating in a leased office space, for instance. While Google sites can be compared to renting a table at a fair.

Your BrOur High End Website Design

Another major difference between high end website design cheaply done is branding. A customized website can be tailored to fit a business’ image. A high end website design can be made with a company’s brand vision for future in mind, for instance. However, if a company has not made an image for itself a “cheap” website might be best momentary option. Squarespace Google do provide options for pasting a logo into their pages. This is sometimes best option when a business is more focused on finding its place in market growing. If your business is not ready to “present itself” or an image that will represent it, then a cheap web designer may be right fit.


Responsive High End Website Design

Regardless of who or how your business’ website is designed, it needs to be responsive. A “responsive” website ensures all visitors can access same content on a website no matter what device they’re on. This can especially be an issue on mobile versions, for instance. However, template website services do boast their sites are all pre-optimized to fit all platform device screens. This is due to their limiting design controls. Picture dropping pictures written content into a picture frame. CSS language cannot be added or changed within these templates. Depending on a business’ current needs this can be both a selling or breaking point.

Business Listing Management

Every business owner has ability to claim, to an extent, control content on their search engine listings. Whether building a business website or not you may be found on search engines through these listings, for instance. Far too often have we at Stratus Marketing found our newest clients not aware of this. For any questions or to have Stratus help you claim all of your search engine listings, please fill out form below.

Stratus provides high end website design SEO services to Charlotte North Carolina. We also support businesses in surrounding areas of North Carolina. Our services extend to Mooresville, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Concord, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Charlotte North Carolina.