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Finding right company to provide your business with IT Services can almost seem impossible. That’s why we at Stratus Marketing wanted to make it easier for business owners. With our experienced certified techs, you can rest assured that we are on your side. Some IT services that we offer are:

Firewall Support

The firewall for a business is first line of defense for any business. This is why having your firewall setup correctly is extremely important. Preventing viruses ransomware are just a few of benefits of having a properly set up firewall. By now you have heard of several companies losing valuable data due to ransomware.

Firewall Support in Patchogue NY

Managed Networking

The network for any business represents backbone of a company. This is where all of your computers, servers, printers other devices all connect together. A slow network can prevent your employees from working ca


your business to lose money. Setting up your network properly can also help prevent against attacks on your devices or prevent them from spreading to devices on your network.

Hardware Support

All to often hardware gets overlooked when talking about IT services. With so many parts in a PC knowing how to troubleshoot hardware goes a long way. Changing a Hard Drive out instead of just replacing a PC can go a long way in saving your company money. That’s why our tech are trained to find most effective best option for hardware repair for your business.

Hardware Support in Patchogue NY
Hardware Support in Patchogue NY


In automotive world, dealerships have programs that are specific to them. We at Stratus take time to understhow these programs work. Saving your business time money. Our techs are trained to be in out, most of time without you noticing we were even there.

Why Stratus Marketing?

With so many companies offering IT services, how do you know which one to choose? That’s a great question one that you should be asking any IT company. With Stratus Marketing you’re more than a client, you’re a partner.

Areas We Service

We provide IT support, Computer Repair, Data Back up, Cloud Back up, Ransomware, IT support for businesses, networking, firewall, data backup, website creation, website hosting, local listings, Facebook ads, Google ads, email blast, a main hosted email to local businesses. The areas we service are Patchogue NY, Bayport NY, Blue Point NY, East Patchogue NY, North Patchogue NY, Bellport NY North Bellport just to name a few!