Logo Design

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Custom Logo Design

Stratus’ team of experts has what your company needs, a new custom logo design. In some cases a logo can tell customers what your business does, but that is not its only purpose. In all cases, a logo gives a face to who people are doing business with. It creates a proper “agent principle” relationship between employees business entity itself.


The Perfect Logo

Envision logo you would create for a business that deals in geography history of world. Picture what logo you would design for this company, for instance. Do you picture a globe of some sort? Well, company described above chose a golden rectangle for their branding that company’s name is National Geographic. Thusly, perfect logo for any company is logo made with care marketed properly with confidence. If it can be thought of by business owner to represent their vision pride, then it is in fact perfect logo. With this in mind, Stratus marketing is right company to help give your vision shape your business a face in public eye.

Business Cards

Having a stylish sleek card is not most important aspect of networking. However, your business does need something that looks aesthetically pleasing that drives eyes of clientele properly to your contact info. We at Stratus have you covered there too, but our first question will always be “do you already have a logo?” This is because we need to know your business “face” first before designing invitation you extend to potential clients.