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Local Long IslWebsite Design Agency

Your business needs a long island website design agency if it needs a way to draw in customers searching on google for products “near me,” which it does. We at Stratus are that local face to lend you a helping hand. We New Yorkers do not ask for help, we are tough because we have to be, but “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.”

However, you know this slogan feeling even more so because you are a business owner in New York. As a New York business owner you appreciate “cut dry facts,” so fact is, your business needs a custom designed website.

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A Webpage or Social Media

We at Stratus know all too well that these days long islwebsite design companies are more frequent than Seven Elevens. With that said, difference between us other company is our full belief in transparency. We completely acknowledge that some companies flourish with just social media for service promotion, while other businesses struggle to ever find their way in public eye. This is because a company’s marketing strategy can just be proper social media management, but a website is not to be how a company engages with its customer base. A Professionally designed website is what every business needs for closing deals maintaining proper CRM.  Understanding use of both these pieces of promotional puzzle is a must for businesses in this age. In this amazing day age social media can be used for building company client relationships outside of seeking sales revenue. So, every business needs to have both.

Search Engine Optimization

Yesterday, today, frankly every day you have been losing revenue to your Competitors who are easily found online. We both know it is not your work ethic, but fact remains that not having an online presence before seventh page of google is hurting your company’s sales revenue.

Your business needs visibility. It needs to be found when people look for you on search engines. It may take time. This may take months,  but we at Stratus promise that we will work hard to get your business ranking it deserves to keep you there, organically.

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Affordable Long IslWebsite Design

Today we will get you setup right way, we’ll do it all at an unbeatable price, with this absolutely necessary change, tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow hard work you’re already putting in, will hit even harder. That is why Stratus was founded that is why you are reading this now. Fill out form below today let us know how we can be on your side!