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Understanding The Platform

Instagram’s most well-known feature, “hash tag,” both is is not what sets marketing on platform apart from other social spaces. Searching for points of interest on Facebook


a hashtag will also work in similar fashion, for instance. Audience targeting through keywording is not a “new” concept. The difference between other digital spaces Instagram is its un-throttled potential for organic outreach. Also, their average user level of engagement with company profiles posts that can potentially drive this user investment. Hands down Instagram’s algorithm favors a harder hitting organic means than any other social media.

You Should Be Marketing on Instagram

Instagram was designed for quick consumption of thrilling short multimedia currently it has 1 billion active users worldwide. 

Notably, marketing management of a businesses’ social media requires a massive time investment on research on all platforms. Without throwing endless finance at advertising, there is no “one size fits all” for what efforts need be made for a service’s continued promotion. However, return on time invested for marketing on Instagram is simple outlined within chart below.

Building Leads Through Social Media

Instagram reports that 80% of its’ users worldwide follow a business page. For instance, boasts a whopping 68% of this 1 billion actually engaging with these brands everyday. Thusly, marketing on Instagram can boost your sales revenue keep your company brand within public eye.

Google, for example, lacks having to create engagement worthy videos still imagery. Thusly, business owners can be overwhelmed shy away from promoting on Instagram entirely. Luckily, we at Stratus Marketing can help you manage both.

Using Hashtags

Instagram openly displays that to those seeking exposure on platform, becoming “fluent” in hashtags is necessary. It’s strongest performers are those aware that there are no shortcuts, for instance. There are no substitutes for diligent research of this language its effect on achieving desired click through targets.

The Bottom Line

The unnecessary gambling of your marketing budget is not strategy, therefore need be removed. At Stratus Marketing we know feel of having wasted money is scary. So, we guarantee only what we know can be delivered. Stratus guarantees that an actively engaged audience will far outweigh immediate likes views from a non-responsive audience.

Your business already “spends money, to make money.” So marketing on Instagram is a nice change of pace, tolling businesses copious amounts of time, instead of hard cash. Instagram is right pick for your marketing strategy Stratus is clear choice to help.

To learn more or to have Stratus Marketing manage your business’ social media for you, feel free to call or leave a message below!

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