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Ransomware attacks are on rise for businesses it’s only going to get worse. Hackers have found that attacking businesses or local government agencies can yield a huge payday for them. What does this mean for businesses? Either spend money on protection or spend it when you get hit with ransomware. We at Stratus Marketing are here to help prevent that! With our years of experience, we can help reduce your companies risk.

Ransomware Prevention

Prevention ransomware from happening in first place is by far best way to go. Now we want to be upfront about something. There is no way to 100% promise your business will not get hit with ransomware. However, what we can do is help reduce that risk by doing a few simple things.

Installing The Correct Firewall

We at Stratus Marketing say this time time again. Have a professional set up your business Firewall. Even if you choose to use another company besides ours. Why do we stress firewalls so much? Simple. They are your first line of defense when it comes to things like ransomware viruses. Better to spend money now than spending more after an attack.

Employee Traning

Phishing attacks are most common method for installing ransomware. Hackers send an email that looks like it comes from a legit source. This could be an email from your “bank”, a loved one, etc. Traning your employees so they know what to look for is crucial. We suggest an annual training event for all of your employees with internet, computer, email access.

Firewalls can help keep hackers out

Why Stratus Marketing

The above are just some of ways we at Stratus can help your company prevent ransomware. We also have ability to help you recover from a ransomware attack. Fill out form below see how Stratus is on your side today!

Areas We Service

We provide IT support, Computer Repair, Data Back up, Cloud Back up, Ransomware, IT support for businesses, networking, firewall, data backup, website creation, website hosting, local listings, Facebook ads, Google ads, email blast, a main hosted email to local businesses. The areas we service are Patchogue NY, Bayport NY, Blue Point NY, East Patchogue NY, North Patchogue NY, Bellport NY, North Bellport just to name a few!