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Search engine optimization is process of boosting website traffic “organically.” This refers to all efforts made to increase amount quality of traffic to a website. SEO campaigns are run to get more website leads a higher conversion rate from website visitor to current customer, for instance. In laymen’s terms, SEO is way to get found on search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. In this way, companies can compete with other listings without copious amounts of cash asked by Google PPC ads, for example.

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Stratus Marketing Runs Search Engine Optomization Campaigns For Businesses in Patchogue New York Surrounding Area

Search Engine Optimization | Getting Found on Google

Advertising on google, for instance, can give favorable temporary ranking for targeted key phrases. However, once a business is finished running these advertising campaigns their “organic” position remains. A business without natural ranking on first page of a search engine will not stay there when paid ads are ended . However, finding right keywords keeping them up to date is major work.

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Search Engine Optimization Is A Must For A Healthy Business

Website Design

Stratus Marketing can design a new website for your company while still providing top notch SEO to our clientele. Our websites are built from ground up are always optimized for mobile desktop use.

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Stratus Marketing Is On Your Side

The Bottom Line

Search Engine Optimization is quite difficult there are those that claim to be masters of process. However, we at Stratus Marketing only guarantee what we know to be true attainable. Your business needs a good SEO service provider help running Google AdWords, for instance. Stratus was founded to be your one stop shop. We guarantee that we are right fit for you. Fill out form below or give us a call today for more information. Tomorrow is on your side so are we.