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Support Local Business in Mooresville NC | Purely Wrapped LLC

July 12th, 2020

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Support a small business in Mooresville North Carolina today. Being a small business anywhere takes mental fortitude. It takes passion, but also requires drive beyond “normal” limits. Tyka Calloway of Purely Wrapped LLC is a small business owner with these qualities more.

Meet Tyka Calloway | Owner of Purely Wrapped LLC

Tyka Calloway is owner of a small business in Mooresville North Carolina. Hers is a story that begins seven years ago. Tyka was faced with a trying time when she found her mother foaming from mouth after an allergic reaction to a medication. Her mother was rushed to closest hospital located in Winston Salem in North Carolina on that day, this mother of three was faced with every child’s worst fear. No one wishes to see their parents ill, with no means of aiding or easing their pain, doctors eventually diagnosed her with Stevens-Johnsons syndrome.

However, Tyka Calloway responded to her mother’s pain with strength rather than wallowing in her own. She in fact for next 6 months juggled her responsibilities all from her mother’s hospital bed. At time she was a mother, a wife, so much more. You see, Tyka weighed results of western prescription medicines against harm they would do to her mother’s long-term health. What Tyka found, her answer to this dilemma, was that western medicine was not best route with her mother’s long-term health in mind. Within her efforts, this college theater major, driven only through love concern, studied for months to create a unique natural pain salve solution. Finally, she eased her mother’s pain.

Almost A Decade has Passed…

Almost 10 years have passed since this small business in Mooresville North Carolina was founded. Yet, Tyka’s pain salve formula remains one of Purely Wrapped‘s highest grossing products. In fact, Purely Wrapped now carries a plethora of organic home-made skin-care products goodies. For example, their eczema whipped body butter contains a formula made specifically to target eczema side effects. This product is a huge deal for those wishing to move away from alcohol-based lotions. It is also a “life-saver” for “crunchi” mothers their children who need alternatives to steroid based eczema creams. Spoken as extremely biased users who also aid in Purely Wrapped LLC’s digital marketing efforts, we at Stratus Marketing cannot recommend this product enough to our friends, family, to all local physicians!

How Can You Support This Small Business Today?

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has seriously impacted businesses nationwide. Therefore, now more than ever we need to support small business in Mooresville NC. Purely Wrapped LLC is one of such businesses. The company has recently made strides within their online presence is launching a website newly designed by Stratus Marketing. This new website will feature even more of their familiar new amazing organic products. Purely Wrapped will also continue to stock their products at Pinkies On Main in Mooresvile North Carolina. Also, “crunchi mothers” everyday consumers alike will be happy to know that shelves of Southern Olive in Fort Mill South Carolina will be soon be another happy home for Tyka’s amazing pain salve formula more.

We at Stratus Marketing wish Purely Wrapped team Tyka Calloway best.

Please support her company’s passion by shopping with Purely Wrapped for all of your organic skin care needs.Thank You.

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