The Perfect Logo Design

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The Perfect Logo Design

July 12th, 2019

We at Stratus Marketing take great pride in our graphic design abilities.

Stratus Marketing Graphic Design | Savvy Kink Mock-Up

Stratus provides logo design in Charlotte NC. We take pride in our plethora of services offered throughout entire Charlotte metropolitan area. However, today there are more freelance graphic design agencies in North Carolina than there are Seven Elevens. Our YouTube channel will show difference between other guy Stratus Marketing. While Graphic design is an amazingly complex industry with thousands of sources for design, none are as transparent as us. This video is first post of our new YouTube series “Design ‘n Things” a walk through of a Stratus design session, for instance. We aim to inspire others in their art to openly share their passion.

Not Your Everyday Graphic Designer

Our YouTube channel posts marketing tips, technology talks, graphic design tips. Stratus will also post videos highlighting our design process our finished designs can be found on Instagram. For example, Business owners as well as freelance viewers can message us for content topic suggestions. We are transparent as crystal. We are Stratus Marketing.

We are here when your business is in need of a logo. Click button to find out more about our graphic design work.

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