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Local Website Design Copiague NY

Your local business needs sales revenue, thusly needs website design in Copiague NY to get more leads. Obviously, more frequently these leads come in better, this is where your new website comes in. In this day age spending thousands on marketing only with paper is not beneficial a waste of resources. You need a funnel for leads a means to reach out across a hundred mile wide radius surrounding your business. Therefore, your business needs to extend past two mile “near me” search radius your business has relied on from its google listing. Your business needs a website SEO to reach next step to get more leads.

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Website Design Copiague NY

Search Engine Optimization

You do not need to know how getting found on google works to know importance of being on front page. Businesses everyday spend thousands of dollars to advertise on engine for more business, for instance. However, once businesses are done paying for PPC advertising, they go right back to their natural positioning. This position being back of googles rankings. The tenth page of google is not where a business wants to be. Customers searching for your service rarely will go past first let alone second. This is where organice SEO comes into play we at Stratus would love to be your business’ SEO agency. Contact us today for more information!